A Summer Dream

Well, here we are again.  Summer is on its way, and with the warm wind comes all of the thoughts dreams and expectations this season holds.  Summer really is an interesting time.  In some ways, it is a repeat of New Years, the year is half over and we begin to make plans and resolutions for our summer experience.  For those in school it is a time of graduation or promotion to the next stage of life.  Those of us now entrenched in our careers dream of summer vacations, nice cool evenings spent on the back patio with a glass of wine, or even a few outdoor improvement projects to make that back patio experience that much more enjoyable.

Whatever your plans may be, I certainly hope they include some nice times relaxing together as a family.  All too often though, we get to the end of the summer and look back at how fast it went by and, regretfully move on, hoping in the back of our minds next year will be different.  If you’re ready to make this year different than last, or improve upon the great summer you had last year, then consider a few thoughts from Green Hippo Plumbing.  Outdoor activities are great family fun and as we all know are an integral part of relaxation.  Bocce ball, croquet, and horse shoes are the big three yard games of all time and will provide you with many hours of fun.  Perhaps your idea of relaxation lies more along the lines of intellectual activity.  Consider a summer novel, historical biography, or investigating a topic of interest.  Now that the sun is out later, it’s a great time to enjoy the back patio and catch up on some good reading.

Fire pits are one of those rare features that have the ability to draw people together, promote conversation, and provide a sense of comfort we hope will never end.  At this point, you might be remembering that when the fire does end, you retreat to the indoors smelling like Smokey the Bear, which is rather appropriate when out camping in the woods, but not quite the lingering odor you were hoping for after a nice relaxing evening.  So, what is the alternative?  Actually, the alternative is really quite good – a natural gas fire pit.  The benefits are enormous.  There’s no need to store fire wood or stoke the fire.  Natural gas burns as long and as hot and you would like it to.  And in today’s world, there are so many fire effect options available with fire glass, logs and even the old stand by, lava rock, you are sure to find an option that pleases you.  Take it from your Upland plumber, you won’t regret the ease of use and enjoyment from a natural gas fire pit.  Just give us a call and we will have a new gas line installed and your fire pit up and running in no time.

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