Water Closet Rodeo

Life is full of surprises, some of them bring us great joy, and others are perhaps more along the lines of terror.  So whether it’s a surprise party or a theme park, we are usually glad in the end to have had the experience.  One place, however, you never want to have such an experience is in your bathroom.


That’s right, while the majority of home accidents happen in the bathroom it is also the location of thrilling events, such as the toilet bowl rodeo.  Upland isn’t exactly a rural location, but take it from your plumber, there’s more than one rodeo in this town.  At first it may seem like things are a little loose, and in your head you think it’s no big deal.  But, over time, your toilet goes from a wobble to a shake rattle and roll, eventually leaving you looking for a place to dig in your spurs.  While you may be used to such an experience, imagine how your guests feel as they stagger from the bathroom clutching the faucet striving to regain their equilibrium from the seasick voyage that just occurred. But that’s not all!


While your guests are recovering from their experience, so is your house.  As a plumber, I’ve seen the dirtier side of things, so to speak.  Let me tell you, if your toilet moves, it’s definitely leaking and when it leaks, it causes water damage as well as creates a nasty environment full of rather gross and disgusting germs.  “I don’t see any water”,  you say. So much the worse! A small leak can go undetected by the visible eye, all the while wreaking (literaly, it smells!) havoc on your floor, ceiling and even into the wall.  A loose toilet can cause thousands of dollars in water and mold damage.  The longer you wait, the worse it gets.  Besides that, who wants to sit on a big bowl of bacterial disgust.  Not to mention you breathe all that in.  No thank you friends! Your Upland plumber is here to protect your health.  So next time you feel a little wobble, be sure to get it taken care of right away!


This is your Hippo Hero Plumber, reminding you to stay safe out there!

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