How Much Hot Water Does a Man Really Need?

How Much Hot Water Does a Man Really Need?

Today I would like to get you into a little bit of hot water, or a whole lot, depending on your personality.  Having been a plumber in Upland, I happen to know there are few times in life when many people think about their water heater.  For instance, when they get in the shower after everyone else and experience the rather aggravating discovery that cold water now is coming out where hot water used to be.  This often results in another lengthy lecture to residents of the household (primarily teenagers) about the need and benefits (mainly to avoid receiving another lecture) of conserving hot water.  I do not wish to pry into your personal affairs, but as your plumber, I do have some advice.  An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, so whether you live in Upland, Claremont or Alta Loma, a little counsel on this matter will certainly do you some good!

Feelings of discomfort, much like a cold shower, will often illicit a strong reaction.  When this discomfort is repeated on a regular basis, it seems to produce an increasingly stronger reaction.  While all manner of love and kindness should be involved in this situation, and many gentle reminders given, it is important to note that some change must take place.  You must change and start making the choice to enjoy cold showers (not likely, but still an option), train your teenagers to take short showers (a good choice; let me know how it goes), restructure your daily schedule to shower when no one else is home (possible, but rather difficult), or upgrade to a water heater that fits your home and lifestyle.  The unfortunate thing is it seems like life decisions always happen at a moment when you are short on time and high on stress.

After the cold water experience, the only time many of us notice our water heater is when it gives up the ghost and leaves a river of evidence flowing through your house and garage.  Although this may be an exciting event for the kids, and make a great story at some point in the future, the hard reality is you are now faced with a decision (nothing like standing in a river of water and making a purchasing decision!) Do I replace it with the same thing we had and live with the inconvenience? How am I going to deal with this mess? What are my options? You need a qualified emergency plumber.

Thankfully, your Hippo Hero is ready to serve.  Just give us a quick call and your friendly Upland plumber will be glad to come to your aid and help you find the best option for your family.  In case you are curious, here are a few ideas.  Tank water heaters come in many different sizes and varying outputs.  While the common sizes are forty, fifty and seventy-five gallon, there are options with each of these not available through standard big box stores.  Tankless water heaters are also very good, and when installed properly and maintained can deliver continuous hot water.  Every water heater has specific design requirements to make sure they are safe and function properly, and we will walk you through all that as well.

If you‘re not enjoying your hot water, give us a call and experience true satisfaction from a quality plumber. The solution could very well be endless!

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