Famous Last Words

As we reflect back on life, there are many times that have been marked with ‘famous last words’.  Moments when we attempted to do what ought to be done by someone else (ie.  A professional), when we end our activity in regret, muttering the phrase, “Should have called a plumber…”  Hours, or even days before, your thoughts hold anticipation of heroism and great acclaim as your spouse and children hail your accomplishment as a great victory.  Now, perhaps, after many hours of toiling away, multiple trips to the store, and a family that is not at all appreciative of the modern conveniences (hot water and flushing toilets to name a few) they have given up, you stand there in a daze.  What can be done?  You need a hero, someone fast, clean, and capable to come to the rescue, or even better, to avoid this situation altogether.  But where can I find such a hero?  There are words which are unsafe in any life situation and should be avoided!

Topping the list of famous last words is a choice phrase your plumber in Upland finds quite amusing. “Watch this…”  Yes, a phrase used by rednecks and daring persons of all ages.  A phrase which has led to untold catastrophe in the home, not to mention the arrival of the fire department and many emergency room visits.  Before a demonstration of skill, it is important for all of us to first examine whether or not we actually possess the necessary skills in question.  Water damage, fire, and personal injury are all possible results one should consider in making such decisions.  Yes, I know these are painful words, but as a true friend,  and your plumber,  it is my responsibility to inform you of these dangers.  There are times in life when true heroics involve fixing your problems with a cell phone.  A quick call to your Hippo hero at Green Hippo Plumbing can do just that!

Next up for review is the non-confrontational approach to home repair.  The old “Maybe it’s nothing”.  If only we could fix problems with a quick dismissal, life would be so much easier.  This, however, is seldom true.  Consider those little spots on the ceiling or places down low on the wall where the paint looks slightly discolored.  As a general rule, it’s important to not nothing happens at random.  Those spots and discolorations were caused by something, and that something could be giving you an early warning sign.  It’s best to solve that minor problem before it rears it’s head and destroys your home!

One last saying to watch for is on the higher end of the optimistic spectrum, “Maybe it’ll seal itself.”  While this is within the realm of possibility, it can only happen with iron pipes when a small leak will occasionally rust itself shut.  This indeed does happen from time to time in older homes with galvanized pipe, but this too is a warning sign.  Broken pipes result in flooding and leaks become larger and larger.  It’s time to put the wishful thinking to rest and get some real peace of mind from a professional plumber.

I know that these phrases are patterned into many of your minds, but for the sake of your family and your home, please erase them from memory.  You do what you do well, and leave the plumbing to your Upland plumber!

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