Earthquake Gas Shutoff Valve

Shake Shake KaBoom

by Zachary Mikat

There are certain dangers that come with living in Rancho Cucamonga.  To begin with, this is earthquake country, folks, and while we’ve gotten used to that idea, there are certain parts of your house that aren’t too excited about the ground shaking!  Take, for instance, your gas pipes.  Most plumbing for gas lines is done with black iron pipe, and threaded joints, which is great, until the stress of an earthquake breaks one of the joints apart, flooding your house with flammable gas just waiting for a spark.  Fire sounds rather threatening, but the good news is your Rancho Cucamonga plumber can save you from such disaster.

How can a plumber do all that?

Earthquakes, we can’t stop; fires from broken gas lines we can!  It’s really quite simple, we just shut off your gas.  Let’s be reasonable, Green Hippo Plumbing has a fast response time, but we can’t get to all our customers at one time right after an earthquake hits. By the time we get there it could be too late.  You need to shut the gas off immediately, but what if you’re not home either. The earthquake hits, a pipe breaks, the sulfur egg smell is sending out warning signals but no one is there to recognize the danger.

So how do we shut off the gas?

It’s really quite amazing.  With a little foresight and planning, Green Hippo Plumbing will install an earthquake shutoff valve right to your gas meter.  Next time the “Big One” hits Rancho Cucamonga, your plumber will be protecting you and your plumbing.  The design is simple but effective.  Earthquake shutoff valves (Earthquake Actuated Valves) have a magnetic sensor so that when a 5.4 magnitude earthquake or larger hits, the seismic actuator releases and gas is prevented from entering your home.  It’s safe and simple and gives you the extra peace of mind that everyone needs after an earthquake.  When you’re not home to shut off the gas it does it for you.  Just give Green Hippo Plumbing a call when you get home, we’ll come out and check your home to make sure everything is safe and sound. Consider the loss a fire can cause.  Those photographs and possessions that have been handed down through the years are irreplaceable, how much more the value of your loved ones!  An ounce of prevention is certainly worth a pound of cure, and your home insurance might even give you a discount to boot.

There are many things we need to consider when preparing our homes and ourselves for an earthquake.  Being pro-active will not only save lives and property, it will ensure you are able to handle an emergency with a minimal amount of anxiety.  Peace of mind is invaluable, and a properly installed earthquake shutoff valve can help remove the burden of anxiety in times of emergency. Make sure you’re prepared; give your plumber in Rancho Cucamonga a call and we’ll put you on the pathway to peace of mind.

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