Mystery Sounds – Part 2

Although we have spoken at some length about mystery sounds related to water hammer, there still remains a few more things to talk about.  Perhaps there is a certain fixture in your home no one is allowed to use because as soon as the handle is turned, the house goes into vibromatic massage mode.  An option you weren’t even sure was available and are quite certain you don’t want!  What is it that causes this dramatic jackhammer effect in your pipes?  The answer is usually quite simple, more often than not it can be caused by a loose bib washer inside of the fixture.  If replacing the bib washer does not solve the problem, chances are it’s time to call your Ontario plumber.  There may be other issues that need to be investigated by a professional.

While we are addressing noises of your fixture, it’s probably a good time to address that dull irritating squeak that echoes through the house when you’re turning the handles.  Just like the hinges on a door get dried out and start squeaking, the stems on your faucet do too.  Hard to believe, I know.  You would think that being constantly wet, there would be no need for lubrication, but faucet stems need to be greased just like any other moving part.  Care should be taken, however, to use only plumbers grease to ensure not only that it lasts, but that it will be safe for drinking water as well.

Also related to the vibrating noises is a sound which emanates from some of the modern technology we now use to heat water.  On occasion, those of you who own tankless water heaters may have heard a sound that resembles a cross between a Canadian goose and an unbalanced clothes washer.  This vibratory honk could be related to a number of issues, but most often is related to poor air flow through the heater.  If you hear this sound, it is probably a good idea to have Green Hippo Plumbing come out and take a look.  First we need to make sure the unit is installed properly and then we can inspect it to make sure it is operating safely.  When equipment such as a tankless water heater starts making noise, it is usually a warning sign and should be inspected by a professional like your Ontario plumber.

Now that we have been able to solve a few mysteries, I hope you will be able to rest easy.  Understanding the cause of the sound always helps alleviate the spookiness that accompanies it. And in cases like the tankless heater it can help to insure you’re safe.  Gas appliances that are improperly installed can result in the production of carbon monoxide, in addition to poor performance, which may not have a noise attached to it, but can often be more frustrating.  (That topic will be addressed in another article, so stay tuned!) So keep your ears open, you just might be able to impress your friends with all the extra knowledge your plumber has been giving you.

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